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Kap Bambino: yes or no?

16 Jul


Is that French Music at its best?

Kap Bambino are not hugely successful in France but are still making decent amount of noise abroad and played the two most high profile music festivals to date  this year SXSW and The Great Escape.

With an album released back in May with Because called Blacklist, it is obvious that the Duo from Bordeaux is largely influenced by the minimalistic approach of Crystal Castle. Seeing their appearance one could also assume they have the same marketing team.

However, in a recent article in Les Inrocks, they seem to deny this statement by identifying themselves more with the likes of Mr oizo (can’t really see why…).

Formed in 2003 by Caroline Martial and Orion Bouvier (aka Khima France and GroupGris), Kap Bambino seems to be doing pretty well for themselves at the moment…. will that last or will we see another “The Teenagers” type of fade; once again I ll leave that up to your own judgement!

Oh and by the way, the New Cassius EP is out!

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