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Ryskee – De Homen-Cristo’s are funky..

24 Feb

Housse De Racket: Teaser video of new album

24 Feb

New Breakbot tune: shades of black….

21 Feb

Discodeine: pharmaceutical rythms.

10 Jan

Barbara Streisand – sauce a la parisienne….

5 Jan

Flash mob of parisian artists and collectif “Les babtous” – taking the piss or promoting Paris cultural and ecclectic scene – take it as you wish!

Daft Punk: unmasked interview 15 years ago.

29 Nov

Little gem found on the web and shot 15 years ago of Daft Punk – While everyone is blogging about Daft Punk‘s TRON soundtrack; I thought a slight going back in time may come handy as it all started around then…. only available in french though sorry….

Rubber the movie: track from Mr Oizo & Gaspard Augé

19 Nov