Eurovision 2010: Zouk deux points!

22 Mar

Eurovision song contest 2010 is seeing France bringing an exotic taste to a competition usually dominated by eastern european 2 bit music. The committee has really tried to be creative in the past few years and juggled different approaches with acts such as Sebastien Tellier (2008) or Patricia Kas (2009) but this year they are putting their hope on the hands of caribbean Jessy Matador.

While I strongly appreciate the assimilation of  the French Caribbean culture as an integral part of French traditions, I must admit that I am not overly impressed with this years choice.

In fairness, France won the world cup 12 years ago now and it really feels that this year’s musical choice  belong to another decade altogether. Get over it I say!

French caribbean music has a lot to offer from oldstyle biguine to dancehall and “proper” Zouk; and I am utterly disappointed that this is what most people are going to remember French Caribbean for as opposed to the variety of musical styles that it has influenced throughout the decades, so allow me to make up for this somewhat terrible choice with a bit of infused folklore:

(once more forgive the video!!!)


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