CQFD winners 09: The Popopopops……

8 Oct


Well it’s good to see a band from Rennes (home of the infamous Transmusicales festival) on the front stage again… However in my honest opinion they were not the best contestants in this year’s CQFD competition promoting fresh new indie talents from France and generously supported by Les Inrocks.

But I ll make no further comments and let you make your own mind on it.

You can listen The Popopopops here and please do not hesitate to comment on it below.

Until next time take care….

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3 Responses to “CQFD winners 09: The Popopopops……”

  1. aidan 11/10/2009 at 20:50 #

    Bad decision by the CQFD panel: this band are poor AND have an unpronounceable name.

    Of the other bands in this year’s line-up, I love Andromakers and Mataharie, two new electro-pop bands with great songs and a real chance at gaining an international audience.

    • swingyoursoul 13/10/2009 at 08:39 #

      I have to agree with you on their decision, they were obviously looking for a pop outfit for this year’s competition…

      I must admit that Mataharie was, I believed, a strong contestant and very original in its own way…

      As for Andromakers, it s too close from Au Revoir Simone and does not convey a feeling of originality….

      thanks for the comments Aidan….

  2. Brendon 24/12/2009 at 01:10 #

    Look at http://vimeo.com/7904717 and http://vimeo.com/7904732. If you ask me, this band is the best new music I have heard in a long while. I don’t know whether they were most deserved, but they are certainly not poor and have great opportunities.

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